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Interested in my artwork? Great to know! You are officially my new best friend~

If you're a hater or a troll, get lost. You're just a waste of time. :D Thank you very much.

Check out my newest comic, PAST LIFE. It will be better than my other comic, I promise! :lol:


Everything in this section is filled with AMAZING drawings.
It might burn your eyes because of the awesomeness.
Why not check them out? c:

*If anyone makes a fanart, the artwork goes straight to this section :D*


Clue. by StormFemaleWolf
I found this in my Nook gallery :lol: and I decided to post it.

I'm gonna post another picture of Clue later because...welll...she's awesome!

I made her up when I was younger, but decided to fix her and her story up.

I guess I should post her story...since she has a story. XD

Clue was the first cat to ever have a perfect diamond shaped pupil on her left eye. She was discovered by scientists and they instantly started working on her.

She has stitches from their first experiment when they first looked inside of her head, making sure they aren't missing anything to study. Then, they went right to her left eye after finishing the stitches on her head.

They used their own creations of "eye openers" (which is what they called it) and placed them on her eye. Well, when they did so, they accidentally damaged her eye by placing it in the wrong place. She went blind in her left eye and a red color formed around her diamond pupil.

She was in a lot of pain for so many years from experiments and begged to be free.

After five years of being trapped, she actually escaped out of pure luck. The chains connecting to her collar popped off. She believed it was her mother who freed her and gave thanks to her.

She ran out of the building, successfully pulling herself out of a tiny hole in the corner of the house, and ran away.

That's about it!

The picture is her escaping. .w.

Soooo....hope you like!

-Stormie :D
Hey guys. Sorry for not updating my gallery or journal entries for a whole while. I've been busy settling into a new school I had to go to. Been through a lot and I appreciate you guys for still watching me. Almost 300 watchers, believe it or not. Thank you all, I mean this. I'll try drawing on my Nook more. Starting right now! Love you all.
-Stormie <3
Tryin'a Break The Chains by StormFemaleWolf
Tryin'a Break The Chains
You got me in chains,
You got me in chains for your love.
But, I wouldn't change,
No I wouldn't change this love...

I was bored and listening to this song. So, I decided to draw something with the lyrics.
The song is Chains by Nick Jonas.

(I just realized I spelled 'Tryin'a' wrong in the picture. Sorry. I was rushing after the shading haha.)
Hello, Starclan. by StormFemaleWolf
Hello, Starclan.
It's part of the comic I made xD Haha. (warning, this story is based off of two comic books I made. Long story!)

**Long storyy**

What happened is...
(Book 1)
Pridepaw (the cat above) joined Thunderclan after Shadefall (the deputy of Thunderclan) finds her wandering around their territory. She was known as Lola then. She soon joined after Firestar saved Lola from his own deputy, Shadefall was planning on killing Lola. She then becomes Pridepaw. She makes one friend, Spotpaw, but two cats named Stripepaw and Tippaw bullied the two cats.
Later on, Tigerstar (Yes, he's still alive in my version xD) invades the clan with his own clan and Firestar finds out Shadefall is on Tigerstars side.
Pridepaw helps fight off Shadowclan, but soon finds out Spotpaw died. Stripepaw also confesses that she never meant to be mean to her or Spotpaw. "Tippaw was never my friend in the first place," was her exact quote...
Tippaw becomes Tipfur, but was soon sent away from his clan for good after Firestar knew his "plans". To destroy the clan.
(Book 2)
Pridepaw becomes Prideheart and soon becomes the deputy after Shadefall was killed by a mystery cat. Since this was right after the invasion of Shadowclan, everyone thought it was one of the Shadowclan cats who killed him (same with Spotpaw). However, Stripepelt (who use to be Stripepaw) knows the truth. Tipfur confessed to her that he killed both cats (his father is Shadefall, by the way) to start trouble.
Prideheart was told by Stripepelt that Spotpaw was killed by Tipfur and another secret she doesn't want anyone to know. Stripepelt was born in Shadowclan.
Prideheart grew depressed after Firestar started having doubts about her. He thought she isn't fit to be deputy. So, one day he tells her she isn't deputy anymore.
She ran off out of pure sadness and considered going back to her twolegs nest.

**End of story-telling***

Prideheart, in the picture, is her going up to Starclan after she was murdered. :D Soo...Yeahhhh.

Art and OC belongs to me.


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241 / 300
I've seen most of my friends put this up on their profile
Why not? :D *Also hoping to use it for other things like...maybe Premium Membership...*

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Hia! I'm so excited to be back and continue to draw and post things on here.
 I'm very sorry for being gone for so long.
Well, I'm back now, so...Yeah!
I already posted things, if you could already tell, and I'll try my best to upload more. ^^

Sadly, I can't continue the comic Past Life. The computer is broken still and I use my Nook to draw now. I guess I'll just have to try to make comics on there.

Buuut, otherwise, I'll type up a story based on the whole comic.

 Well, thanks for reading, and I hope you're not mad at me for not uploading the comic. XD

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